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Video Testimonials

Marci Lock / The Body Mind Mentor

“I, personally, coach the coaches…and, who is my coach?  Christopher John Stubbs!
“Chris has been one who has shown up for me in ways that I never even knew were possible, and…he is always there to help me expand to my highest self.  He is my example of an epic man…and has shown up for me in every way that is possible…
“The truest, deepest space that I can really share is that…I don’t know how to put words around what he can do for you….And all I know is that…I continue to up-level in my life when I have him in it…”

Gulliver Giles / Sales Warlord

“…He made me feel the full force of  how little I was showing up and how small I was showing up and how small I was playing….
“…And as a six-figure earner and seven-figure business salesman, it’s hard to take command from someone else….It’s hard to let down your ego and let someone else coach you…and this guy has enough mastery…to show me how to play a bigger game…
“…I cannot endorse him heavily enough….from a point of view of how I love and respect myself, how I love and respect my wife…and this guy…he gets it from a level that most people don’t get it.”

Brandon James Duncan / Lifestyle Creator 

“My experience with Christopher John Stubbs has been nothing short of fascinating and transformational…
“…One of the most real experiences that I had through that journey was that Christopher…opened up parts of me that needed to be open so they could be healed and I could claim power in places that used to be in pain to move forward in my life and…be in complete power at all times…”

Setema Gali / Lead Trainer at Warrior

“There are many benefits of working with CJ Stubbs…He helps you to see things that you cannot see.  For example, when I was getting ready to transition from a very high-paying job…Christopher was able to guide me.
“I was able to make the transition…and I was able to see things that I could not see…
“It took someone like Christopher J Stubbs to walk me through this path…to walk me through this wilderness and transition period…and just the way he thinks, the way he’s been trained, and (with) the skillsets that he has…he is able to create breakthrough really fast – super fast…”

Adam Stark / Creator Of Home Selling System

“I came to Chris for a mental coach…not just for business because business was good for me…but there was a lot more going on inside…that was…holding me back from having it all.
“Chris is one of…the best breakthrough coaches I have not only had the opportunity to meet and grow close to but have also hired as a coach.  Chris walked me through the steps in a way that no one else had ever done before…”

Sean Whalen / Real Estate Investor+Coach

“One of the greatest lessons I learned was this: Most of the alpha males entrepreneurs that I know…end up being some of the most scared individuals on the planet…so we choose to go out and kill business…and that’s a way to hide from the demons…
“…but Christopher taught me to lean into it…and that is where I found the majority of my power…”

Bonnie Bronson / Marketer 

“I worked with Christopher about a year ago.  We worked together on my business and did some personal coaching.
“What I appreciate abut Christopher was his ability to help me take advantage of some amazing opportunities that came up in my business.  I was going to pass up a very profitable project…but as I worked with him, I realized those feelings were really just my fears of growing….
“We worked through those, I took the opportunity, and it doubled my income…He really works to find the root cause of what’s going on and to help you adjust it…”

Clarissa Barlow West / Creator of Uproarious Life

“Christopher has…shown me parts of me that I was unwilling to look at…and (helped me) discover what my genius was…
“I have this big vision and this massive purpose that I could see, and I was only at 5 percent…and with the mission that I was called to do, I was only at 5 percent capacity….”
Clarissa feels that she is operating closer to 89 percent of her capacity, now, because of the work she did with Christopher.

Jeni Burgess / Coach and Marci Lock Enterprise

“He holds such a beautiful space of the masculine and feminine energy…
“I felt very comfortable and confident and empowered and supported in such a way that I’ve never had…a male in my life be able to (do.)
“…He has empowered me more than any male coach I have ever had.”

Just how good can you stand it?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your business is great, but your relationships suck.
  • Your relationships are awesome, but you’re not making enough money.
  • You make great money, but you don’t enjoy your life and wonder why you bust your ass each day.
  • Your relationships and business are going well, but your health and fitness are suffering.

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