Ascension is my core group coaching program.

It is specifically constructed to deal with all life and business challenges and is powered by an amazing group of members and 5 coaches.

You will gain the following:

  • Clarity on the specifics that will propel your life and business forward.
  • Lasting Commitment and the ongoing process of recommitting.
  • A Specific Plan that you can trust to be aligned to deliver you success in life and business.
  • Ongoing Accountability to call you on your shit and inspire you to continue to take consistent action.
  • Powerful Breakthrough to overcome the self sabatoge patterns that keep you playing small.
  • Skillsets & Mindsets to empower you to source your own power moving forward and break of dependency.
  • Growth Environment full of likeminded and powerful people moving in the same direction you are.

Currently access is closed.

A place will be opening up February 14th.

You can fill out an application for consideration by clicking below.


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