…fuck “Money, Sex and Power”.

You can get those things whenever you want them. You have the money. You can get the sex…one way or another. And power and influence has come naturally to you your entire life.

This isn’t about that shit.

This is about NOT being empty and unhappy when you have those things.

This is about whats next…once you’ve built your empire…you “have it all”…and you still fucking hate your own core.

All around you, your closest relationships are crumbling or crumbled.

Your parents (even though you aren’t *that* close) are fighting some type of terminal illness.

Your friends are as fair weathered as the stock market and living out their own fake ass facade.

Your marriage, despite your best efforts, has probably already collapsed…or you’re just living as roommates.

If you have kids…you probably don’t really know them and they don’t know you.

And you doubt if your current “girlfriend” or wife (or both) will last.

You know more money and power is BULLSHIT if you’re not fulfilled.

And while you like sex – animals have that down. That isn’t the hard part of a relationship.

You don’t need help building an empire.

You need help building a life that means something more than dollar bills…so when you die, you fucking KNOW you TRULY lived.

You tapped into your REAL power.

I hope this is triggering the fuck out of you. Because in your chest you know it’s the truth that what got you here isn’t going to get you to the next level.

All your money doesn’t mean shit at this level.

The sooner you reorganize your mind and life…the better.

Trying to sort through that shit on your own is a losing battle.

Even with my help it’s not going to be easy.

There is a lot of fucking work involved.

You will have to reconsider and change the way you think and act in every area of your life.

There will be phases of reorganizing your business, your schedule and your thinking. 

There will be a ton of learning and growing.

You will face some ugly shit inside of you that you’ve been running from.

You will be required to question everything you’ve ever believed about anything and everything.

There will be a lot of trips to work with me, in breaking down the walls around your heart and reprogramming new thought patterns and ways of being. 

It requires more commitment, consistency and follow through than ever before…

…and the truth is that you are likely already tired and simply running on shear will and survival instincts.

Before we are done you will have invested years and lots of your hard earned cash.

This is your life.

Not a fucking annual business goal.

It won’t be easy. But you know that. You’ve already built your life with your own sweat and blood.

But it will be worth it. It isn’t another empty promise of happiness…like chasing money, power and sex.

Before we’re done…

You’ll get to drop drugs and alcohol.

You’ll lose friends and completely switch up your environments and social circles.

At times you will wonder who the fuck you are and where you are going.

Your ego will play every game in the world to stop you from going there.

You will have more temptations and counter commitments than you can count.

You will have to be stronger, smarter, more willing, more humble and more teachable than you’ve ever been before.

I will have you do some of the hardest things you’ve ever done in your life.

People in your situation (me 15 years ago) won’t move forward until your ‘pain’ gets bigger than your ‘fear of change’.

We will lower your fear of change so your lessons don’t have to be so fucking intense.

You must be 100% open, willing and committed when decision time comes.

It’s a complete metamorphosis and it will be the craziest ride of your life.

And it won’t be one bit easy for the first year or so. 

Einstein was right when he said…

“No problem can be solved from the same state of mind that it was created in”

Your ego keeps convincing you to wait for a more convenient time.

That time isn’t going to come.

You are either going to get committed or you are going to end up in a very ugly place for a very long time.

Your heart is epic and huge.

The fact that you’re reading this is brilliant.

What you’ve been able to create is fucking amazing.

You are one powerful mother fucker and you know it.

And you’ll need that power and that brilliance.

We’ll keep all that amazing stuff inside of you that makes you who you really are.

And get rid of the shit that is holding you back.

I’m ready!

And I don’t fuck around.

When we go, we go all the way or nothing at all.

So a
re you going to continue doing what you’ve been doing?
Are you going to continue getting what you’ve been getting?

Or are you going to finally make the choice to turn all of that around?

I’ll be here.

Your choice.

When you’re ready, it all starts with an exploratory phone call with me.

It’s $500 bucks.

Refundable if we’re not a fit.

Don’t reach out if you aren’t already pocketing over $500,000 a year.

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Hell yes.