Christopher Laughing

What if I could show you how to double your business, have personal time freedom and love EVERY aspect of your life (even your intimate relationships)?

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with some of the BEST business and relationship coaches in the WORLD. I’ve personally applied these skillsets and mindsets to transform my life and the life of my clients.

So I’m wondering…what would it mean for you, your key relationships and your business if you UNDERSTOOD and DUPLICATED the exact things these ELITE individuals know about money, personal power, personal freedom and love? 

You know that sometimes, the slightest adjustment in thinking, skill-sets or perspective can mean the difference in exponential growth or loss. So many businesses are a few tweaks away from doubling profits…and countless marriages are on the brink of divorce because of a lack of a few simple communication tools.

But we get so wrapped up on the hamster wheel of life…we miss out on these little adjustments….

And next thing you know – EVERY area of life is stagnating.

Without key internal shifts and processes in place, most men and women are settling, leaving money, happiness, love and sex on the table…

And the worst thing?

This destroys ongoing happiness and fulfillment because you KNOW you are capable of better.

Look – if you want to die with regrets. Stop reading.

But if you want to live a life that you absolutely LOVE…without regrets…

This question is key…

How good can you stand it? 

It’s simple. Source your own love, power and peace. Commit to what you want. And take the necessary action.

But I’m assuming you’re no slouch. I’m assuming you’ve been working hard and are taking your success seriously. And despite it all, I’m going to guess you feel somewhat stuck. You’re not a person who gives up easily…but you’re not sure why each year is the same as the last (or not near as much progress as you would like).

You probably know you’re not here to settle. You know your best days are in front of you…not behind you.

So while we both know you’re greater than the level you’re playing at…I know the next steps that you can take to unleash epic on your life.

You need to be so full of your own confidence, power, humility and certainty that nothing can stand in the way of your mission. 

And while you’re busy thinking you’re not doing enough and trying to kick your ass into gear…or getting super lazy and procrastinating your life away…

There is an epic life of ease and flow, deep relationships, mind-blowing sex, plenty of money and pure fulfillment waiting for you.

This is what I specialize in. Assisting you with your personal freedom and power. And I don’t work with people who want to waste the prime years of their life being miserable…I work with people who want someone who knows what the hell they are doing on a DEEP level – not only with adding more profits to a business – but someone that can enrich LIFE itself.

You and I will work together to fashion the mindsets, skillets and environments that get you the life that you want. 

…if you qualify.

Everytime I say yes to something…I say no to lots of other things. (Like sex).

And I don’t just work with anyone.

So you need to:

  1. Be making more than $10,000 a month and have the ability or rough plan to personally increase your income. (I.E. commission based pay, business owner, or starting your own business).
  2. Be a person of integrity.
  3. Be willing to question everything you “know” and trust me enough to at least test what I ask you to do. (Even if it gets uncomfortable).
  4. Be ready to take action immediately if we BOTH agree we are a good fit. (If you need to ask your wife, dog or business partner before you can make your own decisions…don’t contact me).

So What’s Next?

There are two ways to proceed.
You can have a free session with my team…
A (worldclass) coach on my team will gain crystal clarity on exactly where you are at with the results in your life, and the results that you want to have moving forward. They will assist you in establishing a game plan on how to best get there.  During the call – you will both decide we’re a good fit to provide support and guidance moving forward.

If the answer is yes, my coach will recommend you to me and we’ll go from there.

If you want to speak with me directly…

I can make that happen. But my time is very limited.
You’ll have to click on the paypal button I’ve placed below and send me $500.

This is a refundable deposit.

But it helps guarantee that I’m not wasting my time with people not committed to making all of life as epic as possible.

After we have the discussion, if either of us decide it isn’t a good fit to work together…I’ll refund you the $500.

AND I’ll even let you keep all the breakthroughs you get on the 1 to 2 hour coaching session we will have together.

Lets get started.

Choose which way you would like to proceed.