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Your Hustle: And How Its Sabotaging Your Day


Angellee here.

The hustle and bustle of life can be addicting for entrepreneurs, busy parents and adults in all walks of life.

So busy DOING that they are never really aware of what they are missing.

Caught up in their own minds and worlds that they are missing out on life.

Many people are so imprisoned in their minds that the simple beauties of life do not really exist for them.

The pure love seen and felt in a child’s smile or laughter. The soul piercing beauty of a sunrise or sunset. The brilliant beauty of a child’s mind as they learn to read. The look and smell of a flower. The inner joy of helping a stranger. The pleasure of simple conversations at the dinner table.

These simple beauties come and go quickly.

And you can only SEE and experience them if you stop and BE in the moment.

These moments are where the greatest fulfillment in your life will ever be.

Staying so busy and doing so much is a recipe for burnout.

Continually caught up in DOING and never being and enjoying.

The stressful mind gets caught up in the future of what needs to happen next and in yesterday’s regrets.

The joys and pleasures felt in life are not felt in the past or the future.

Joy can only be FULLY experienced in the NOW.

The joy and fulfillment you are seeking is available NOW. Not when you achieve x, y, or z. If success and happiness seem to always be eluding you, slow down.

What will you FEEL like once you achieve that goal? That is really what you are seeking.

Give that feeling to yourself NOW on a daily basis.

Savor your journey.

Enjoy every step.

-Angellee Koerner