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You are the PROBLEM


You are also the SOLUTION.

Obama isn’t the PROBLEM or the solution.

Trump is not the problem or the solution.

Bernie, Hillary or Trump Cannot and will not save you.

The Republicans are not the source of your problems or your redemption.

The democrats are not the source of your problems or your redemption.

The various country’s, races and religions are not to blame.

Your spouse and your parents are not to blame.

NO ONE else is to blame.

Blame of any sort will not deliver you.

The more we blame anyone or anything the more the cycle continues and the more we are played like puppets.

Are you ready to stop this yet???

WE must choose to step out of this Ridiculous blame cycle if we want to facilitate TRUE CHANGE.

We are acting like a bunch of two year olds running around pointing fingers, blaming each other and believing the world will be a better place when “they” change.

Wake Up Humans

Handle your own shit.

Take responsibility for the state of your own world.

There is no “They” that is ruining your life.

There is no “They” that is ever going to save you.

You taking full responsibly for you and your life is the only thing that can and will deliver you.

Get up and do it.

Go deep or your efforts will be fruitless and meaningless.

-Christopher John Stubbs