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The Thriving Trifecta: Mind, Body and Heart


If you want to thrive in every aspect of life… Nourish your mind, body and heart abundantly and consistently.

Only when you nourish and love your body can you have the energy, vitality and connection with source to be able to ‘Show Up’ and share your unique gifts with the world from your optional space of power.

Did you know that taking care of your body is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself and the people in your life?

Our bodies are one of the greatest gifts we have and they are one of our greatest allies if we choose to see and treat them that way.

They give us the perfect feedback about every aspect of our lives not just our health.

Your body houses your beautiful soul and enables you to experience every single thing you’ve ever experienced and ever will experience.

The quality and duration of your life directly correlates with the quality of nourishment that you give to yourself.

And that’s why its so important to take care of the only body that you have that allows you to enjoy this glorious existence to the fullest .

So how do we take care of this amazing vessel?

We NOURISH it!!!

We Nourish it with fresh clean water.
We Nourish it with healthy, organic foods.
We Nourish it with plenty of rest.
We Nourish it with uplifting thoughts
We Nourish it with movement and play
We Nourish it with kindness and love

If you let your nourishment slip away you will eventually feel the impacts.

Lower energy.
Getting sick more easily or more often.
Lack of motivation.
Mental Fog.

I strongly encourage you to make a commitment today to YOU!

To nourishing your body with only the very best regardless of cost, always…
You are worth it!

-Megan Darger