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The Key To Understanding Your Capacity And Potential In Life


Today’s message is about capacity and potential.

All of us have unlimited potential, and part of our purpose in life is to expand further and further into that potential.

The problem is…capacity is one of the things that limits us because of our unconscious commitment to stay within our comfort zone.

We resist pain, struggle, and anything that might hurt us or that might be difficult for us.

Often, by the time we have avoided these things enough times, we find ourselves becoming weaker, slower, and less clear.

The solution is this: the more we expand outward in a healthy way, and the more we develop a relationship with our bodies, hearts, and minds, the more that all of who we are can be considered and brought into balance.

With that written, let me share with you what’s happening with me, right now.

Can You Believe That Running Is Resting?

I just got done with a run, and I’m hardly breathing or sweating.

A couple of years ago – before Cross Fit and everything else that I have done to get in shape – running 400 meters felt incredibly miserable to me.  I couldn’t believe how hard it was.

When I think back on it, I’m like…Seriously??  It was that hard to run 400 meters?

As I was running a moment ago, I was thinking, running is like resting.  It’s almost like a meditative, resting state.

That is so weird.  🙂

The bottom line is that when you expand, you become a bigger, more powerful version of yourself, and you can deal with more complicated, challenging things.

The things that used to hold you back become easy.

So…because I do incredibly hard things at Cross Fit every, single day, what used to be hard (and getting my butt off the couch and running a few steps was incredibly difficult!) is seriously like resting for me.

My Recommendation To You That Will Help You Level Up And Expand…

Challenge yourself.

Step outside your comfort zone.

Push the limits!

Look…you don’t have to run an Iron Man, today.  You don’t have to conquer Rome, overnight, but just take little steps and little stretches.

Make your life about stretching outside your comfort zone, continuously becoming the next, greatest version of yourself, and things will get easier and easier.

This same principle applies across the board.

What Is Hard Right Now Can Be Easier In Time – If You Do The Right Work

Things that used to be incredibly hard in relationships, and knowing how to deal with struggles and issues are incredibly easy and fast for me, now.

In spirituality and finance, things that were just overwhelming and all-consuming are now simple, quick, and easy.

So…expand your capacity!

The potential is always there, and all of our potential is the same.  It’s infinite.

None of us are born greater or with more potential than another person.

The thing is…you can develop your capacity by exercising it, daily and doing those things that push you out of your comfort zone while simultaneously expanding your comfort zone so that you become comfortable in more and more circumstances – no matter what’s happening outside of you!

So…that’s it for today.

Keep the expansion going.

Create an amazing day.

Need Help Expanding?  Get Assistance.  Watch This!