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The Investment of Creators

By February 19, 2016Personal Power

Want to know one of the most powerful mindsets you can ever try on?

You’re a creator.

I use to limit the word creator.

I thought about creator in terms of art, music, sculpture, drawing…”creative” stuff.

Not anymore.
Everything around me is of my own creation at the end of the day…in some form or another. And everything around you is of yours.

And the sooner you embrace this perspective, the sooner the word “creator” will harness power for you and your identity.

But there’s a hangup.

Creative energy (can I call it that?) has an investment. And most aren’t willing to pay it.


The investment is simple. Fear.

Most of us have a hyperactive mind bent towards perfectionism in one manner or another.

Most of us are here to perform rather than test.

And most of us, when we first become aware of being a creator, experience fear.

Because expressed creativity and fear go hand in hand.


In other words – when you make space for your creativity…you must make space for your fear.

Fear is the investment of living life on your own terms.

And most people who just dream and never achieve are unwilling to pay the investment.

Most people start out hating fear. They do everything they can to avoid it. They ignore it. Stuff it.

They build their entire lives so they won’t ever have to take any action that may trigger fear. And they start suffering.

Because when people live to avoid fear – they also hide from their creative nature and design! They are out of integrity with themselves.

So on the journey to discovery, they start to realize they are “masters of their own fate” and “captains of their own ship”.

That they are creators – who create their reality moment by moment.

They learn they are the ones that decide how to perceive and work with everything around them.

And they start dreaming big. They start feeling excited. They start changing their life.

And BAM.

Creativity starts to flow the way it’s designed. Dreams and ideas come. Creative ways to think about problems arrive. Creative ways to escape “drifts” (when you’re not in ease and flow). Creative ways leave behind stress and drama. Creative ways to find win-win agreements with others.

But this expansion usually doesn’t last long.
Because what is the initial investment of living like a creator?


And this, my friend, is the crossroads that you may be facing everyday in your journey.

Because to take the step forward to where life happens THROUGH you…and BY you…instead of TO you…

You can no longer avoid, stuff down, or run from fear.

Because fear and creativity are dance partners.

And when you avoid fear…you avoid creativity.

Fear is part of the investment.

I’ll even go further. If you don’t learn to “feel the fear and do it anyway”…you’re life will be completely unfulfilling and boring.

This is why a sure fire way to find your next best step is simple.

Do what you’re afraid of and excited about.

Because with fear comes creativity. And with creativity, comes fear.


So here is a simple idea that can assist you.

Become friends with your fear.
Make space for it. Honor it. Thank it.

Allow it to live and breathe. Don’t fight it or struggle with it.

Just be with it.

And above all…

LOVE the part of you that is feeling fear!

LOVE, not hate, transmutes fear. It moves the energy from constriction into expansion and excitement.

And at the end of it all.

After loving and creating space for your fear…

Just don’t let fear be the captain of your ship.

That’s your job.

You’re the creator…not your feelings or thoughts of fear.

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