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The 2 simple ingredients to accomplishing anything.

By February 16, 2016Personal Power

For those of you who are still creating something bigger in your life…there is a key difference between you wanting to accomplish something and you accomplishing it.

And the difference isn’t complicated.

It isn’t a new strategy or technique.

It isn’t another book.

Or another podcast.

The difference isn’t even hard work. Or struggle.


It’s two simple ingredients.

Without these ingredients your accomplishments will be hard won. They will feel like a struggle. They will feel like a sacrifice. And they will feel weak.

With these two ingredients, your accomplishments will happen with much greater ease.

The first of the two ingredients is Commitment.

Commitment is how your heart, emotions and thoughts view a dream or an idea as worthy of energy.

The crazy thing that most of people don’t realize, is we’re giving energy all the time. The energy isn’t the issue.

In other words – you are always committed.

But WHAT are you committed to? Is that intentional? Is it wise?

Until a new commitment happens, one isn’t serious about their new desires. They are only curious.

And a 9 out of 10 commitment…isn’t commitment.

“Burning bridges” is a message to yourself. It’s a message to your future and your present. It’s a message that this vision before you is a serious vision. That something is different about this idea…this dream.

This dream isn’t like the millions of thoughts you’ve considered and done nothing with…

No. This dream is a true north. It’s a REAL destination that you will give energy to until you reach the shore.

Commitment is also the continued ability to learn from mistakes. Commitment stays dedicated to the big picture and learns from “failures” through recommitment. It adjusts the “strategy” to continue the journey. After all, commitment to the destination is more important than commitment to the path.

For example, when a storm hits, commitment sets the compass (yet again) to the north star.

Commitment. Your first key ingredient.

The second ingredient is Space.

What does anyone do when they get serious about something?

They create space for it.

And this will always test your commitment.


Because the moment you go to make space, you will always find that you don’t have space. Your space has naturally been committed to other things.

We fill out our time with busy. With actions that we deem important for one reason or another. Our current actions (before the new commitment) are the actions that have given us our current reality. They prove our old commitments.

And for our new commitments to be real, we must walk away from old commitments. We must create the space to do what we have decided to get serious about.

This is where most new “commitments” de-evolve back into wishes. People lack the clarity to prioritize commitments. And they lack the self love to walk away from old commitments that are no longer serving them.

Commitment. So the entirety of your being knows this desire is worthy of energy. So you re-commit (and learn) when the going gets tough.

Space. So you extend the energy.

This is all that is necessary to accomplish what you want.

So consider…

Do you wish for an epic relationship? Have you committed and created space?

Do you wish to create money doing something that aligns with you? Have you committed and created space?

Do you wish to create an epic body of vitality? Have you committed and created space?

Do you wish to have a deep sense of purpose, identity, and spiritual connection? Have you committed and created space?

Desire without commitment is like a bird without wings.

Everyone is uncommitted to what we desire on some level. Life is a constant moving target of expansion and new commitments. I’m committed to creating more space for my health and spiritual walk this week.

What about you?