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Smile: The 17 Second “Fix”

By March 18, 2016Personal Power

Megan here.

Do you know the POWER of a smile????

If you don’t…read on.
If you do…read on.

Smiling is one of the greatest gifts we have!

A smile costs nothing and can literally change someones day
A smile can make yourself and other people happy
A smile releases oxytocin in your body which is a giant hormonal dose of “FEEL GOOD”

I don’t know about you but I sure love to feel good

Did you know that expecting and anticipating a ‘smile & laugh’….from a movie or goofy-friend, excites your immune-system to boosts your hormones
Did you also know a baby smiles on average 300 times a day and the average adult smiles maybe 20.
Check yo-self…
How many times are you smiling a day?

But here is the REALLY COOL THING…
(This was research done by 4 Universities)

If YOU can FAKE a Smile For 17 Seconds, You CONTROL How You Feel and YOU control you life
YES! Crazy I know! But 17 seconds of smiling creates major physical & mental changes in your body.

Listen up…

Our brain – 24/7… monitors our facial-expressions to decide how we feel.
Yes your own facial-expressions create your attitude, mood, & mind-set. When you FEEL GOOD…you do your best, you learn information twice-as-fast, your memory improves up to 80%, and you influence, convince, & persuade other folks, up to 75% better. Smiling & laughter are contagious, and ATTRACT SUCCESS!!!!

When we smile… chemicals (Dopamine, Endorphins, & Serotonin) are released into our blood stream to make us feel more joy, delight, & happiness. If our face shows scowling, frowning, even skepticism, our immune system weakens, and we are susceptible to illness, flu, disease, accidents & pain.

So adding a smile to your face can literally change your world!!!!!
Seriously…Your brain does not know the difference between a real smile and a fake smile….
That means…if you intentionally choose to fake a smile, your brain accepts it as the-real-thing, and gives you all the health, longevity, & learning benefits of a Fake Smile.
BOOM!!!!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

So if you are upset or just want to lift up your mood. Sit for a minute with a smile on your face.
Notice what happens!!!

So here is a CHALLENGE I have for you….

For the next 7 days SMILE intentionally for 17-seconds twice-daily and smile
At EVERY PERSON (yes every person) you meet, and that includes yourself when you look in the mirror.

You will discover a serious improvement in your learning skills, your long term memory and boost your WEALTH & HEALTH.

-Megan Darger