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The Power Of The Mind: Make Your Mind Your Greatest Supporter!

By November 21, 2014Personal Power

Good morning, this is Christopher John Stubbs, creator of Limitless: The Ultimate Human Journey.

This morning, I am reminding you that your mind will either be your best friend and biggest supporter or your worst enemy, depending on how you utilize it.

It will be a leverage to destroy you or leverage to build, strengthen, and edify you.

A classic example of this happened to me, yesterday.

Your Mind Can Help You Overcome Even A Tough Start To Your Day…

I woke up, dealing with a few struggles, and I went into a “drift.”

I got to the gym, pissed off, and I channeled that energy into my workout, which is often effective if I stay present.  Yesterday, I didn’t stay present, so I got sloppy in my form and felt a small muscle in my lower back tear.

My mind could have destroyed my progress and success right there in that moment by convincing me to push through it.  Part of me considered pushing through, but I knew I had to stop.  It was incredibly hard to not finish the workout with the rest of my comrades.

Instead, I stopped and went to mobility and finished the workout doing mobility while supporting my back.

Yesterday, I did a lot of nurturing things and took a lot of care of my back while I went about my day, doing the things that I set out to accomplish.

Now…the next layer that my mind could have gone into was frustration.  My day had started off frustrating.  I tore a muscle in my back.  I felt incredibly sad and overwhelmed, and like I wasn’t being supported.  Shit was going badly…

…and I could have stayed in that drift and created a totally miserable day, but I didn’t buy into those thoughts;  I just allowed myself to be supported through all of that.

The Following Day Was The Real Test…

The Power Of The Mind - Make Your Mind Your Greatest Supporter!

Then, today, I got up around 4 o’clock in the morning, and it would have been really easy to tell myself that I was injured.  In fact, I noticed the thoughts yesterday, telling me, “You’re injured.  Maybe you need some time off.”

And sometimes, that may be the case…but at other times, it’s just an excuse to not do what needs to be done.

So…this morning, I got up, and I didn’t know what I could or couldn’t do.  What I did know is that I’m not interested in injuring myself and pushing through to my demise.

There is a fine balance between pushing too hard and not pushing enough…

…between not doing what gets to be done or doing too much and ignoring the signs.

I just knew that I would be committed to doing what would best served me versus what any ego or mind trips might tell me.

I showed up at the gym and actually was able to do everything in the workout, and that (activity) edified me, created a flow, and supported me in very good ways.

My reminder for the day:

  1. You are limitless.  You can create anything you set your mind to create.  Anything you choose to create, and anything you commit to with a willingness to overcome all the obstacles and hurdles that get in the way can be yours.
  2. Listen to your body and mind, but don’t allow them to hold you back and keep you limited in this human form.

You are so much more.

You have infinite potential.

Go out and create.

Live it.

Be it.

Have it all.

This is Christopher John Stubbs, reminding you to create an amazing day and choose to create your very best life.


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