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Peace With Sex – A Conversation That We Often Don’t Want To Have…

Peace With Sex - A Conversation That We Often Don't Want To Have





For some reason, this is not a conversation that people want to have out in public…but it’s one that needs to be had.  IN PUBLIC!

It All Comes Back To Sex…

Whether you describe yourself as a Christian, a virgin, a homosexual, or anything else, it all comes back to sex when you get down to it.

People don’t arrive on the planet without sex, and people most certainly don’t stay in committed relationships without it, either.

While there are valid reasons for not having sex, like illness or a valid and healthy personal choice that is mutually agreed upon if you happen to have a significant other, let’s be honest;  just about everyone is doing it, and with this being the case, it is probably a good thing to take a proper look at sex, it’s power, it’s potential control, and how to do it in a way that best serves you.

First Things First, You’ve Got To Understand Why Sex Drives Us So Powerfully

All human beings have a basic need to feel good.

We choose jobs that assist us in feeling good about ourselves, partners who support the same thing AND who we feel compelled to love and serve, and we even choose our friends based on how we feel when we are around them.

Sex is no different.

Sex. Feels. Good.

Reaching orgasm is an incredible experience that cannot be replaced by reading a book or watching a film.

Ultimately, Sex Is About Having Enjoyment And Making Babies If You Want A Family

First things first, sex was designed to make sure that people continue to populate the earth.  It drives us so powerfully because it is NOT in the design of nature for all people to die.

Instead, it is the design of nature for people to continue to exist…and sex helps with that!

Because of this basic need of nature, sex feels good…and I mean it feels really, REALLY good!  The goal of sex is an orgasm, and the goal of orgasm is procreation…

…but you have GOT to understand that, after orgasm, there are chemical changes that happen in the body that most people don’t realize are taking place.

I Won’t Get Too Deep, But You Need To Know That Sex Is The Starting Point Of Relating, Not The End

In most relationships, we use sex as the goal when, in actuality, it should be the starting point for relating.

After sex, the body changes in both men and women to be more disinterested in their partners, but those changes manifest differently.

Women tend to feel anxiety about the person with whom they have had sex.

Men tend to feel withdrawn.

Neither feelings draw people together in meaningful ways.

The thing is…when you know that your anxiety or withdrawal is simply a chemical reaction, you can educate yourself on what to do to counter those temporary feelings instead of allowing them to become permanent habits.

Ultimately, sex is designed to bring people closer and to bond us powerfully to one another…

…but if we don’t understand how sex works, we might misuse one another and miss out on the beauty of a relationship with a lover who we can beautifully care for and who can beautifully care for us as well.

How To Use Sex To Serve Our Loves

The best way to use sex is to go back to the golden rule where we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Before sex, do you want to be romanced and appreciated?  Do you want to be known by the one courting you?  If so, make sure that you are romancing and deeply knowing and appreciating the object of your affection.

During sex, do you want to be satisfied?  If so, then work diligently to satisfy!

After sex, do you want to be held and to know that you matter to your lover?  If so, then hold and be sure to share the fact that your beloved matters to you.

Even in our sexual relationships, we need to serve and BE served…

…and it would be highly beneficial for you to observe the way that you relate to another person as a sexual being and how that influences EVERY area of your life.

You might not be sure exactly how this works, but you need to know that sex can give you real clues to the rest of your life.

How you do one thing is actually how you do everything, and sex is not excluded from this equation.

The good news is that I can teach you how to have great sex, an amazing body, and all the money that you can stand to earn.  The first step is to learn how to let go of any shame and all negative thoughts and attitudes about sex.

You can have complete peace with your sexual nature if you want it.

The only question is…are you ready for the time of your life?