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My IronMan Story, Part I

MyIronMan Story Part 1 - 1

The next articles on my blog are going to share my IronMan story.

I didn’t finish the race; I DID experience some things that were important to my growth and expansion…

…things that I am able to take into the next Ironman competition.

I hope that you are inspired by these articles.

First, let me give you a little bit of background…

The Time Had Come For Me To Level Up In My Finances

My IronMan Story - Part 1 - 2A few years ago, I had grown a business as a coach, and I had done well with it. But I had this feast or famine pattern that I was dealing with – something I had dealt with throughout my life.

As I recognized what was happening, I tuned into Spirit and asked, “What is next for me? What will give me what it takes to go to the next level, financially?”

Spirit said, “If you will handle your body, that is the next piece. You have learned to love yourself. You’ve cleared up your trauma and have a good grasp on healing.

“You’ve learned about the principles of prosperity. You understand money, marketing, sales, business, and systems. You’ve done a lot of work.

“But the next level for you is handling your body.

“The very same things that are holding you back in your body are holding you back in your finances.”

There Was No Question About The Direction In Which I Was Being Inspired

At the time, I really didn’t get it, but it was dead clear.

From there, I chose to simply handle it. The first big thing I did was to hike down into Grand Canyon with friends and family.  The trip was amazing.

When it was time to leave, we decided to hike out in the middle of the day, which, in hindsight, was not the best idea.

As we backpacked out with heavy packs up the steepest part of the the Canyon, I made a new choice.

I chose to not rest when I got fatigued. In the past, I would have rested in the shade, but this time, I simply chose not to.

I’d awakened up enough to the Warrior inside of me where previously I’d only given myself access to my inner healer.

Let Me Take A Sidebar For A Moment To Explain The Difference Between Our Inner Healer And Our Warrior

If you are only okay with your Healer, you’re fucked.

If you don’t have access to your Warrior, you don’t have everything it takes.

If you just want to push yourself in your Warrior persona, yes, you’ll go pull of an IronMan, but you’ll also be complaining about how your body is giving out, you’re miserable and sore, and about how bad shape your body is in from all the physical exertion.

Pretty soon, you’ll have nothing left.

On the other hand, if you are a pure Healer, you’ll tell yourself that pushing your body past it’s limits is too hard.

You’ll be scared, inept, and will hang out in the shade when you probably could be pushing yourself and moving purposely towards your next expansion.

If I don’t have the willingness and ability to be both of these, I will not tap into all the power that is available to me.

The true power is when we can be both Healer AND Warrior.

If you will access and operate in them both, you will have the follow-through and dedication to create shit that most people never will.

Back To My Story About The Grand Canyon…

I was exhausted, and the day was hot as hell. My knees, hips, feet, and ankles were hurting, and my wife recommended that I stop and rest.

But I didn’t stop. I pushed myself until I got to the top, and lo and behold, I didn’t die.

Some things woke up in me, and I came to see that my body could do so much more than I thought it could.

Hiking back up the Grand Canyon was a major feat in my life – a breakthrough moment.

I had no idea, at the time, that I was preparing myself to do something as massive as an Iron Man, but I was committed to up-leveling in my body and in my fitness…so the next step when I got home was to do harder stuff in CrossFit.

You’ll read about the next stage in my physical journey in the next article.

Stay tuned…

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