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How To Break Free Of The Mental Masturbation You Call Enlightenment

By September 16, 2015Personal Power
How To Break Free Of The Mental Masterbation You Call Enlightenment - 1

Don’t Resist The Journey…Even If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Right Now…

It can be a challenge to break out of the social conditioning in which we were raised.

One of the most pervasive conditions I see over and over again is the tendency we have to see what is “wrong” with ourselves and then to work diligently at fixing those things so that we can get “better.”

Well…I have a newsflash for you;  trying to figure out what’s wrong with yourself and then trying to fix it is not raising your frequency.

Noticing all the ways that you are not effective in life won’t help you to grow or expand.

Put plainly, you don’t raise your frequency by focusing on that which is low energy.

You can only reach that goal by loving who you are, right now…

…by seeing what’s right with you – today…

…and by embracing every, single aspect of yourself as you currently exist.

Loving Everything About Where You Are Can Seem Counterintuitive

There are those who would look at their current situations and say, “Well, I am dead broke and don’t know how I am going to pay my mortgage, next month.”

People in a situation like that who read this article might think I am crazy.

I mean, think about it; who loves to be broke?  Who loves not knowing how they are going to be able to pay their bills or feed their family?

No one.

I get that.

How To Break Free Of The Mental Masterbation You Call Enlightenment - 2

This is the location where The Purge was going to take place…burned to the ground…

But that’s not what I am writing. I am, in no way, suggesting that you want to look at ineffective circumstances and then just sit there in the middle of them, doing nothing about them.

What I AM suggesting is that mulling over the fact that your financial situation isn’t optimal isn’t going to help you create any kind of a solution.

Staying awake all night, worrying yourself with high levels of stress isn’t going to open up the stores of creativity that you have deep, down inside of you.

Rehearsing your challenging situation to everyone that you talk to isn’t going to help you, at all.

And putting yourself down, calling yourself a failure, and regretting every past decision that led you to where you currently are is not going to improve anything.

Have You Ever Wondered How Some People Seem To Pull Miracles Out Of Thin Air?

Being conscious isn’t just a cool thing to do.

It’s not a faddish movement that is going away and that is only based on emotion and woo woo spiritual theories.

Consciousness has to do with being intentional in our thoughts, understanding that our thoughts create our emotions, and our emotions then facilitate our actions.

That’s why I like to remind people to think more effectively.  Think creatively.  Think powerfully. Because, then, they will DO creatively.

Now, back to my earlier example…

If you can simply begin acknowledging how phenomenal you are, right now, you would shift everything about the way that you view your life and all your experiences up to this point.

Think about how great a parent you are if you have children.

Consider your hair – if you have hair – and how healthy it is.  (Don’t worry about the appearance of your hair.  Just think about how healthy it is as it grows from your scalp.)

Think about the fact that someone in this world loves you.

Consider the fact that you are reading this article, right now, and this article is a divine reminder of how powerful you are. Notice that you’re great at focusing on reading.

Seriously.  Stop and meditate on EVERYTHING that is right with your life.

Choose to shift.

Are you healthy?

Are you clothed?

Did you have food to eat, today?

Can you step outside and feel the sunshine?  If you can’t, can you appreciate the gentle rainfall?  If not, can you wonder at the awesomeness of nature in the midst of a thunderstorm?  Can you consider the storm nature’s “entertainment” that you get the gift to witness?

STOP and appreciate everything that makes your life what is is, completely ignoring all that troubles you…

…and you’ll notice something curious.  You’ll notice that your energy levels are rising.

And it is out of THIS state that all things are possible.

True Enlightenment Is Being 100% Present In Your Current State And Creating From There

Right now, I am leaning fully into the fact that the retreat where I was going to hold “The Purge” was recently destroyed by fire.

I feel deep sadness, disappointment, and frustration.

The location is where some of the most transformational healing work I’ve experienced in my life took place.  The retreat location is dear to my heart, and I wanted my clients to know some of what I do about this magical place.

On the other hand (and at the same time!), I feel great joy, excitement, and a huge sense of adventure as we scout out a new location.

How To Break Free Of The Mental Masterbation You Call Enlightenment - 3

I just shared this on my wall. This is saddening…and yet, I can still create out of it.

All my creativity is at the fore, simply because I am focused on being present and on fully loving where I am, right now.  I am feeling ALL my emotions.

I am also holding space in my heart and am feeling sadness about a flash flood in my hometown that killed a number of people.

Inside of me are a jumble of emotions that we typically term “good” and “bad,” but they all serve different purposes, and they all help me to create.

My sadness helps me to create connection with people back home by calling and texting them.

Are you starting to get the drift of what I’m sharing with you?

Are you seeing how enlightenment is created from current circumstances, no mater what they might be?

Knowing This, What Will You Do, Now?

So, now that you understand what true enlightenment is, what do you choose to do differently, today?

Will you continue to berate yourself for that which you cannot change in the past?

Or will you take everything about your life and simply accept it and appreciate it?

Will you notice what makes you amazing, special, and unique – from the mundane to the sublime?

What have you done right, today, and what are you doing right, RIGHT NOW??

If you can ask yourself these questions and then provide yourself with the answers, you will instantly start to shift from where you are to where you want to be.

This is a huge secret of the super successful.

Getting to where you want to be might still be somewhat of a process, but it will be much less discouraging if you begin with a more effective mindset.

To get yourself surrounded by enlightened people, check out my private Facebook group, right here.