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How they avoided success…

By March 7, 201610x Business

There is an ancient saying that says there are many paths up the mountain of success.

But the one who does the MOST hiking without EVER arriving to the glorious summit?

They are running around telling others which path to take. 

How different would this world would be if we focused our energy on DOING what we decide? If we focused on OUR journey – step by step?

When I was climbing the tallest mountain in Colorado I wasn’t acclimated.


Heart pounding. Chest fighting for air. Head getting split down the middle. Every fiber wanting to collapse into a soft pillow of mountain grass.

I was counting my breathes and steps.

And I promise you this.

If I was running around to every other climber on the entire mountain, telling them my path?

I wouldn’t have made it to the top.

Can you imagine?

An exhausted Kansas boy seeking out colorado hikers…


I think the nature of “right” is in it’s demonstration.

When a path brings life, expansion, fulfillment and success…
It speaks for itself. You’ll know by the fruit.

And when your current path doesn’t get you closer to the top?

If you want the top and are humble, the next path will become clear.

But we often forget the destination and fight for the “rightness” of our current path.

And besides being prideful and wearing ourselves out, we also sabotage our own journey.


Because when we obsess over how others are do it (and if it’s the “right” way) – we also obsess about HOW we are doing it.

So we spend days and days…weeks and weeks…and sometimes even years…analyzing.

Should I do this? Should I not?

Should I go Paleo? Should I do intermittent fasting?

Should I start my own business? Should I go back to school?

Should I believe this? Should I believe that?

Should I value this? Should I value that?

We’ve brought this analysis of paralysis into ourselves through our judgement of others. We fear our own voice coming out of others mouths and hearts. We fear their criticism of our path more than we desire getting to our destination.

Movement defines the path for YOU.

When you’re nearer the mountain top and your path speaks for itself?

Some people will still judge your path. (Too rocky, too long, too hard, too soft, too rainy…)

Others will ask you how you did it, because they are still analyzing and comparing. Your map will become just another map clutched in a fist holding twenty maps. A fist still attached to a hyperactive brain at the bottom of the mountain. A fist still waiting for the perfect map to hold.

Some people will ask you how you did it, because they want to join you. They are already hiking, and humble enough to ask and learn. Humble enough to switch up their tactics. More consumed with the destination than with appearing to be “right”.

Everyone at the top looks like the last group of people.

The story I tell myself is simple.

You are your map. Take whatever path you can at this moment. Stay humble. Start moving.

I’ll see you at the top.

Jonathan Caleb Heston