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How Conscious Love Relationships Look From The Inside

By September 14, 2015Epic Love Life

Conscious Love - The Effect Of A Conscious Lifestyle On Relationships - 1Have you ever wondered how conscious love looks from the inside of an ongoing relationship?  If you have, you’re in for a treat, today!

Most of us don’t know how to shift from “needing” someone to wanting them…and I’ll give you two examples that you can relate to, easily.

Most women “need” a man to provide for them, and most men “need” a woman to take care of them.

The great majority of humans perceive that they need somebody, they believe this to be true, and then they show up in their relationships, accordingly.

They expect someone else to fulfill their needs, and they tend to look outside of themselves for wholeness, completeness, and love.

This article will attempt to show you a more effective way…a conscious way to go about creating powerful relationships with others.

The beautiful truth is that, until we show up for ourselves in the ways that we think we need from others, we will continue going in the same, old circles, from relationship to relationship.

In my marriage to my wife, Megan, we have both learned how to take responsibility for ourselves.

As a result, we have greater space to love, connect, and grow together.  We don’t need to save one another or be saved BY one another.

There Are Stages To Love Relationships

Conscious Love - The Effect Of A Conscious Lifestyle On Relationships - 2First, you fall in love and are infatuated with one another.

In the next phase, you start to see what you don’t like about each other, and you struggle.  It’s at this point in relationships where you either wake up or you don’t.

If you wake up and take responsibility, and if you learn new skills, you can create something different.

If you don’t do the above, you’ll keep suffering or go start a new relationship with someone else, all over again.

Megan and I went through ups and downs and have had some intense times, for sure, but we’ve been committed to learning, growth, and healing, and we have an incredible relationship of co-creation, now.

Men Think About A Lot More Than Just Sex

One of the other myths about relationships is that all men think about is sex.

The truth is that when a man and a woman are truly in a space of loving each other, and they are not dependent upon each other…

…when they communicate openly, with love and appreciation…

…and when they release expectation and show up in a way that works, the flow of sexual energy is normal for both partners in the relationship.

When conversation and love are in a state of flow, both men and women desire sex, and there’s not this push/pull power struggle around it.

Loving Consciously Is One Of My Greatest Accomplishments In Life

Conscious Love - The Effect Of A Conscious Lifestyle On Relationships - 3If I were on my deathbed and someone asked me what some of my biggest successes in life were, I would easily be able to say that one of them is having created the relationship that I experience with Megan.

Loving her and being loved by her would be right at the top of my list.

She’s about as soft and serene and angelic as can be on one hand.  On the other and, she’s strong, stubborn, solid, and sometimes fiery.

My wife is bubbly, playful, energetic, and outgoing, and she’s an amazing combination of so many personalities.

As far as I am concerned, Megan is the perfect blend of personality types.

When life gets hard and it becomes easy to turn on someone and blame them for “misfortune,” Megan doesn’t do that.  When her body is giving her a rough time, she has learned to treat me as an ally, a friend, and a supporter.

Both of us know how to engage in co-creative conversations that create solutions…

…and that is as most of us really want it to be, deep down inside.  Conscious love is everything I ever wanted for a relationship.

If You Want The Conscious Love Of Your Dreams, You Must BE That Person, First!

Learn to communicate your frustrations and challenges without blame.

It’s the experience you want to express.  No one I have ever met starts out in a relationship desiring to hurt their beloved.  That happens over time due to ineffective communication skills

Instead, learn how to use tough times to connect with your loved ones, and allow those difficult times to bring you closer to one another.

Life’s challenges do not have to drive a wedge between you and the one you love.

Conscious love is attainable.

Megan and I are living witnesses!

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