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How A Conscious Coach Can Apply Impeccable Integrity To Client Work

How Conscious Coaches Can Apply Impeccable Integrity To Client Work - 1

Working in the field of conscious coaching, integrity is a big, big concern.

Last week, I shared with you that all coaching is not created equally.  In the same way, not all clients are created equally.

If you are a coach, yourself, it’s important to make sure that you set effective boundaries for yourself and for your business.

In this article, I would like to share with you the way that I operate, and I hope that it will help illuminate the way that you do business and provide you with a more integrious way to interact with your clients, going forward.

Here Is My View Of Impeccable Integrity

I will not be in any relationship with anyone on any level if they do not have impeccable integrity.

It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic, friendship, or even family.  If the people with whom I am interacting don’t have impeccable integrity, I will not have a relationship with them.

See…a relationship is based on two equal people bringing what value they can to the interaction.

When someone chooses to operate in a lack of integrity, that’s not a relationship.  It’s an entanglement.

If someone wants to be in my world, they will be committed to impeccable integrity.

That’s as simple as I can put it…and I want to explain why.

Here Is What Happens To Conscious Coaches Who Lack Clients With Impeccable Integrity

Anyone who isn’t committed to impeccable integrity IS committed to creating drama, chaos, messes, and conflict.

Any time you choose to have a “relationship” with someone like this, you will invariably find yourself having to put out lots of fires and dealing with crap.

If you want easier, drama-free, flowing experiences with others, my strong recommendation is that you surround yourself with and make your own commitment to only allowing people who have impeccable integrity into your life.

If you are a conscious coach, that includes your clients.

Here Is A Game Plan For Holding Your Clients Accountable To Their Word

Now, if you sense that one of your clients has a challenge with integrity, do you immediately get them out of your life the first time or two that you think you notice a pattern?

Do you “give up on people as soon as they show a lack of integrity?


Your desire is to bring on board clients who are receptive to feedback, learning, clear communication, and open dialogue.

You want to be in a position where, if something is not working, you and your client can have a discussion about it so that there can be adjustment that makes whatever is currently not working…WORK!

But What If You, As A Conscious Coach, Get Out Of Integrity, Yourself?

How Conscious Coaches Can Apply Impeccable Integrity To Client Work - 2

Look…I get out of integrity, often.

It happens.  I am human.

The difference is that, as soon as I recognize it or as soon as I get the feedback that I am off-course, I simply recommit and get back on course!

This is a skill set that I have practiced diligently over the years, and with each instance, I get better and better at staying in alignment in certain areas, and I get better at recognizing the things that create drifts in my life.

Don’t expect perfection out of yourself just because you are a conscious coach.

That is unreasonable.

Instead, expect out of yourself exactly what you desire to see in your clients – a willingness to listen, a willingness to take feedback, and the ability to adjust accordingly.

Here’s The Bottom Line On Impeccable Integrity

My bottom line is this:  If I don’t think that someone I am considering working with has impeccable integrity, I will not take them on board as a client.


If I take them on and discover that they are not in impeccable integrity, I will call them out on it.

If they respond well and step up, awesome!  If they do not, I remove them from my coaching until such a time that they can get back into alignment.

I don’t care how much money they are paying me.

If you are unwilling to receive feedback, I won’t play.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to love those people.

I do.

I simply do not allow them to be in my world in that manner.

Creating Boundaries Between Yourself And Those Without Impeccable Integrity Is Healthy

Ultimately, the actions I take with people who are not in alignment are for their long-term good.

I find that many of the people I give feedback to are not even aware of the fact that they were out of alignment in the first place.

Conversations about accountability help my clients to create what they wanted to create, anyway, so it’s win-win, all the way around.

In the end, I value integrity much more than I value feelings- theirs or mine.

I don’t avoid myself or others having uncomfortable feelings at the expense of integrity.  When those two come into conflict, I choose integrity – every time.

And so should you, if you are a conscious coach and you want to have ease and flow in your business relationships in specific and your life in general.

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(Photo cred:  https://unsplash.com/aaronburden)