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Finding Peace Through Power

By April 11, 2016Personal Power


Life doesn’t always look and feel like it’s going in your favor 24/7.

Can you be okay with that?

Experiencing what it’s like to NOT be happy with something….. and still be at PEACE is a powerful place to be!!

Creating this inner peace is essential. It’s essential for you to be able to create what you want in life from a space of ease versus struggle.

The first step to creating peace and ease is choosing to let go.

Choose to let go of your EXPECTATIONS of what life must be for you RIGHT NOW. Then let go of how you think others MUST show up around you.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Not if our minds and egos are running our lives.

It takes a surrendering that requires us to have faith. Faith that what we want for our lives and relationships will unfold naturally.

Moving into this space of faith and peace can also feel very scary right before you step into it. It requires you to step into the unknown. It requires that you let go of your way.

You must  invite the universe and God to show you the best way.

Creating this peace inside of you is actually easy once you decide to let go.

It’s holding on to your beliefs, stories, and expectations that makes your life hard.

However, once you create the peace inside of you…. peace and fulfillment outside of you starts to naturally follow.

How do you think life and others SHOULD be for you right now?

Let go of those stories.

Be attached to NOTHING and you will find everything.

Hold onto this peaceful state of being WHILE taking action towards your goals….. and you have a powerful combination for manifesting what you want in your life easily.

Doing this is creating an internal PEACE and POWER like I’ve never before experienced.

Try it out.

You won’t regret it!!!

Create a peaceful and powerful day!!