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What is it in your life that is holding you hostage?

What is keeping you from experiencing happiness and success?

Facing into the truth of what’s not working in our lives takes courage…. and this courage will set you free.


It might seem easier to continue to look away from the results of your life that you don’t like.

The truth is, the longer you continue to look away, the more it is costing you.

Once you begin to see what’s not working in your life, share it.

Yes! Share it with those who love you and believe in your greatness.

Share it with those who see that you have what it takes to create something new.

One of the biggest contributors to staying stuck in the same pattern of struggle is keeping the struggle inside.

To keep pretending that there is no struggle, just keeps the struggle going.

And the struggle gets bigger and bigger.

Change happens when we are willing to fully FACE the reality of what is happening.

Not what we think is happening or how we feel about it.


But what are the RESULTS?

What is happening that can be measured?

How we feel about a situation changes.

The results and the facts are done and over with and nothing we can do today can change the past. The past will keep being your future if you refuse to honestly look at your results.


YES, it can be painful, AND it’s the TRUTH.

Remember the age old quote that says, “The truth shall set you free.” It’s true. The truth will liberate you.


So why do most people avoid facing the facts?


The truth causes BIG emotions to well up inside and that’s uncomfortable. It’s especially uncomfortable if you attach a story about your worth to those results and emotions.


However, the liberation only begins to happen once you are willing to be okay with the truth no matter how uncomfortable it gets.


The truth will give you the clarity that’s required to create something NEW.

-Angellee Koerner