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Exactly What Is The Purge?

By September 3, 2015Personal Power

What Exactly Is The Purge 1

Lately, people have been asking me what The Purge is.  They have noticed me writing about it on Facebook.  They have also noticed (obviously), that the cover images on both my personal profile and my business page have to do with the Purge.

It’s striking curiosity.

So…I’d like to take a little bit of time in this article to talk about The Purge and help you understand why it is possibly the single, most-important event that you could attend in your life.

First, however, I want to tell you a few things about myself so that you have complete clarity on who I am and why anything I write should matter to you.

There are loads of Conscious Coaching professionals in the world…but not everyone has my specific skill set.

If I can be transparent with you, I’ll simply say that I am the best in the world at taking people from where they are to where they want to be.

I am a masterful breakthrough coach.

If you are dealing with the SHIT that has been plaguing you your whole life, I am the one who can help you purge it.

Who Am I, What Do I Do, And Why Is The Purge Important?

I am not only a Healer. 

I am not only a Warrior. 

I am not only a Visionary.

And I am not only an Oracle.

I am all of these and know how to tap into any one of these parts of myself at any, given time.  The fact that I can do this has powerful consequences for my coaching clients.

See…no matter how often you try to solve your life’s challenges, if you use just one part of your makeup to gain healing, you’ll find in time that you’re only dealing with surface-level issues.

Lots of coaches do this, too, with their clients.

As a result, it’s rare that they offer true, holistic solutions to their marketplace.  Their incomplete coaching can only leave people with lots of unhealed places long after the coaching work has been done and there is no more coach/client relationship.

Only by eliminating the unseen, ineffective elements in your life can you ever hope to create a complete solution that will benefit you, permanently.

Enter The Purge

If you don’t know how to “purge” the unhealed and unloved places inside of yourself, you will continue to limit yourself and seek external validation. 

You’ll fear losing approval from others and be like a ship without a rudder, always cast to and fro based on everyone else’s experiences instead of your own truths.

You won’t be able to move forward with clarity. 

And even if you are leading, you’ll lead from your ego instead of from the power that comes from being connected to Source.

When You Base Your Success On External Things, You Are Not Standing In Real Power  

If what is external to you defines your success, even when you DO create “success,” you will have done it from a fear mindset. 

And if you lose what you love, you’ll be threatened with falling apart.

Without the external trappings, you’ll feel like nothing.  I see it happen to people, all the time.

Ultimately, when you operate this way, your security is built on a sandy foundation instead of a solid one.

You’ll find that you have a constant need for things to be okay, superficially.

And you’ll find that this is even true for the way that you handle your relationships.

What Exactly Is The Purge

The journey to the depths can be a beautiful one. There’s so much light at the bottom…

The Purge Is An Event That Will Help You In Every Area Of Your Life, Including Your Relationships

Have you ever noticed that you only keep people in your life who “make you” feel happy and who do not disrupt what you think about yourself?  

Or do you enjoy having relationships with people who will call you on your shit when necessary and who will love you in the fullness of who you are…people who see your darkness and your light and who are not intimidated by either?

In many ways, this is much like an analogy of scuba diving versus snorkeling.

If you stay on the surface, there is only so much that you will see about your life…but if you are willing to go deeper, you can get lasting, sustainable, pleasing results for the long term.

I have found in my journey that people who don’t go to the depths cannot truly love their lives. 

They are constantly chasing a results that will never satisfy or satiate them, permanently.

So…How Do you Get Yourself To The Purge?

The good news is that there is a solution where you can learn how to be happy even if you have absolutely nothing.

Don’t be scared, now.

See…the goal is NOT for you to have nothing in life.

The goal is to for you to not be tied to external results in order to feel secure…which means you will actually end up getting more, in the end.

This is what happens when you free yourself from expectation and instead live in appreciation.

This is a law of the universe that many people don’t understand.

You cannot operate from a space of appreciation without understanding that YOU are the missing piece in your life.

And you are enough. 

The Purge will show you how to fill every void in your life with YOU.  

And once you do this, you get to have everything.

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