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Critical Conscious Business Coaching Tips You Can Use, Right Now

Christopher John StubbsIf you have been looking for conscious business coaching tips that you can put into practice, right away, this article is going to help you.

Recently, I was on a call with someone who had been spending several thousand dollars per month on business coaching in a mastermind group for over a year.

During the course of that year, she had gotten minimal results, and after we dug deeper into what was going on, I understood why.

There were some key things that I discovered were happening for her, but her lack of results were not unique to her.

What she shared is something that I hear over and over again from multiple people, pretty consistently…so I wanted to take a moment and address the key concern that I see…and here it is, in a nutshell.

All masterminds and coaching programs – even if they are called conscious business coaching or conscious mastermind groups – are not made alike.

Anyone Can Create A Conscious Business Coaching Mastermind Group

And that is the truth.

Anyone can start a program or a coaching group where they tell you strategies.

But strategies, alone, will not deliver you to the promised land, and they are not enough to give you the results that you have been seeking in both your business and your life.

If you do not have the right skill sets, mindsets, and the right system of accountability, it doesn’t matter what strategy you get.  You won’t hit your targets.

So…back to the woman I was talking to, recently.

What Should You Be Looking For From A Conscious Coach?

The biggest thing that was missing for her was that she was not being held accountable to the most effective activities on a day-to-day basis.

She was also not getting breakthrough work that would help her get herself out of the way.

See, what happens is that you can get strategies and you can find out the actions that you get to be performing on a daily basis…but if no one ever follows up with you to see if you are doing what you said you’d do, none of that will matter.

Additionally, if you are not experiencing the breakthrough work to discover your upper limits and assist you in breaking THROUGH those upper limits, you will end up being exactly where you were when you started coaching.

Accountability keeps you on course.

Breakthrough keeps you from being stuck.

These two, together, prevent people from staying distracted when distraction comes…and that is critical!

Without Effective Coaching, Even When You Get On Track, You Won’t STAY On Track

This is something that was surprising to the person I was talking to, last week.

She’d never understood that an effective conscious coach would have systems in place to ensure that their clients could effectively bring themselves back into proper alignment when the distractions come – and they WILL come.

They come for even the most successful people.

The biggest distraction is your own mind – your limiting thoughts, stories, and beliefs that don’t allow you to go past your current threshold

Any coach who cannot assist people in getting past their own selves is not a coach most people would want to pay, long-term.

As long as you know that, you can choose coaching that will actually assist you in reaching the goals that you have set for yourself.

I hope that this, brief article has been useful to you in finding a business coach who can help you discover what is holding you back and who can assist you in expanding into the absolute greatest version of yourself, having fun and making lots of money in the process.

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