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How To Create A Success Story Of Your Own – Old Pics Of Me, Included!

How To Create A Success Story - 1

What I am about to share is not to brag but to inspire you and others to create your ideal life as well.

The current success that I have in life and in business is not by accident.

Getting personal coaching was one of the top decisions that I ever made for my life.

It transformed me. It helped me to create a world that I absolutely love.

My business is thriving.  My marriage is healthy and constantly expanding into an even better relationship with my wife, every day.

The same goes for how I relate to my children, extended family, friends, and professional partners.

I have also created a body of health and fitness that I love, and my health allows me to continue living my passion and making the contribution that I was sent to make in the world.

It is this journey of fitness and thriving health that I want to share with you today.

Many of you do not know my journey from where I was to where I am, right now…

…and yes…that’s ME in the picture up top.

My Journey To Fitness And Epic Health Started With A Decision

How To Create A Success Story - 2

When I started this journey and made up in my mind that I was going to have a rock solid body, I was about 75 pounds overweight.

You can see that in the my first picture.

It was not as easy to move, then, and I had physical, mental, and emotional barriers to break through that I knew I needed to overcome if I was going to ever step into my complete power…

…but I committed to doing the work, and my results have been exceptional.

You can see the massive transformation in my second picture.

See, when you have shit holding you back, you have to be willing to do the work.

You have got to remove whatever is constricting you, and let go of the burden that is holding you back from creating the success that you want.

You have to be willing to sweat.

You have to be willing to tell the truth, and be honest about your current results.

Most of all, you have to be willing to have someone who can look you in the eye and call bullshit when needed.

I could not have gotten to where I am as quickly as I have if I had chosen to do everything all by myself.

To Be Limitless, You Have To Be Willing To Move As A Unit

How To Create A Success Story - 3

Today, I have expanded so much since I made the decision to create the upward trajectory I wanted to see in my life.

I am the founder of the Limitless Movement, and we consider it to be the Ultimate Human Journey.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, committed to infinitely expanding into the greatest version of ourselves and enjoying the most epic life possible while assisting others to do the same.

I am a coach to my clients, but I still have coaches, myself.

I will always have a coach…and I recommend coaching to everyone I know who wants to have vibrant success in every area.

While I know that it is possible to reach your goals alone, I also have had the experience that it is so much better and more efficient when you choose to allow others to assist your growth.

I am not yet where I want to be physically, but I am so much closer than I was when I started this journey.

I show up relentlessly, every day, and I will eventually reach my fitness goals.

All of them!

The thing that I realized is that it’s not about perfection.

It’s about commitment.

I am successful at hitting singles – every day.

You can be, too.

Check out the Limitless Movement, here.