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Change: The Price You Pay, And What To Do About It

By March 14, 2016Personal Power

Christopher here.

What a fascinating time to be alive.

I see more corruption, confusion, and chaos than ever before.


I also see more positive advancements, consciousness, and goodness than ever before.

Both sides of this spectrum are breath taking to say the least.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the economy and the way the world is currently functioning dramatically changes within a matter of months.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it gets a lot worse before it gets better.

I’m also totally open to the possibility of none of that being true.


Sometimes I feel fear about the price we may be required to pay moving forward.

But then I choose to consistently focus on being a part of the change I wish to see.

To prepare for both the best and the worst.

Sometimes I’m like “Bring It.” Let’s fucking destroy everything that is broken. Let it all be consumed and demolished thoroughly so we can rise from the ashes like the Phoenix to build the next greatest version of ourselves as the collective human race on this planet.

As a child I was taught that many destructions would come upon us and that Jesus would come back to set things in order and the earth would be made heavenly.

I don’t know if that will happen or not.

I think it would be pretty cool if it did.

Mother Theresa made it clear that she wasn’t interested in attending an anti-war rally but that she would gladly attend a pro-peace rally.

Let’s us learn from this.

Let us all stand together for goodness, focussed on the solutions.


Whatever we focus on, expands.

Let “evil” destroy itself.

Let us take responsibly for ourselves and our ways of thinking, being and acting.

Let us be the change we wish to see.

Let us together, produce the solutions to every problem we face in the world vs hiding out blaming other races, nations, religions, politicians etc.

Let’s rise up so powerfully together for all that is good and provide so many amazing solutions that there is no space left for the cancerous structures that are currently directing the reality of this planet.

Let’s stop:
-complaining about ‘what is’
-waiting to be saved
-pointing fingers and blaming others
-dividing ourselves because of race, politics, gender, nationality, religion, etc.
-taking care of only our selves and condemning everyone else to hell
-repeating the same unconscious patterns that have been recycled for thousands of years.
-stop thinking and acting like victims

Let’s begin:
-taking responsibility for our creations
-requiring impeccable integrity and accountability
-awakening the Warriors within.
-uniting instead of dividing
-standing for truth and goodness
-being the change
-providing solutions
-solving the problems
-speaking up
-voting with our dollars
-believing in goodness and ourselves
-turning off out tv’s
-strengthening our bodies and minds

Let us wake up from our hypnotic slumber to be the Giants that we really are.

Let us remember the greatest part of who we really are.

Let us not hide our light under our bushels any more.

Instead let us shine fully from the mountain tops.

Let’s empower the meek to prosper and inherit the earth.

Let us restore true community and collaboration to principled and integrous ways of being.

Perhaps Jesus already did his part and his second coming is something that happens in our hearts when we allow it to and that is how we transcend the current chaos ascending into the next greatest evolution of our creations.

I may very well sound like a weirdo right now and you may not want to hear what I am saying, which may just sound like gibberish at this point but I speak it anyway because I care more about what’s possible than I do about what you may judge about me.

If Jesus is coming to save us all, I will gladly accept.

If not, let’s get up and save ourselves.

Either ways it best serves us and him individually and collectively to get off our asses and do something about it.

Empower yourselves, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically so you can be a true warrior for love and goodness instead of a sheep on an ego trip.

-Christopher John Stubbs