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Build A Life And Career That You Love Without Compromising

Build A Life And Career That You Love Without Compromising

I often get asked how I found my tribe and learned how to build a life and career that I love, so I decided, today, to share a bit of my journey as an entrepreneur.

Many people don’t know this, but I came from a farm boy background, and I went into construction as an adult.  I was tough, thick-skinned, and I swore like a sailor.  I was a rough, tough construction dude.

During that season of life, I went through a divorce, and I wet through all the chaos that that brought me.  I felt suicidal, and as a result decided that being a healer would suit me well.

During this season, I was learning what my ideal life would look like.  The lessons and journeys were amazing, and they taught me a great deal.  As a result of going completely into “healer” land, going raw vegan, and delving deeply into spirituality, I found myself attracting a specific type of client.

They were typically less high-paying, and there was a reason for that.

What I Was Giving To The World Is Also What I Was Attracting From The World

Ultimately, when I was ready to go to the next level, I hired a coach and paid a lot of money to learn what it would take to up-level in my business and in my life.

My coach gave me some knowledge on marketing and selling.  He also helped me with the courage to take on big shit and be consistent at “making it happen,” EVERY day.

But the biggest thing that my coach did for me was help me awaken my Warrior and bring that back to life in a different, new, and improved way.

Bringing the Warrior inside of me back into the equation made a massive difference for me, but I have the tendency to swing back to being a healer.

The challenge is that my nature is “soft.”

I don’t mean that I am weak.  Don’t misunderstand.

What I mean is that my natural inclination is to be more about love, integrity, and healing.

This is a journey that I have been on for years – the journey to give life to the Warrior inside of me while still paying attention to the healer that I am.

Becoming a Warrior did make a massive difference on my income and the clients that I was attracting. There are times when the Warrior part of me feels partially inauthentic because my deepest nature is as a healer…

…but I understand that this is part of what it takes.

Sometimes, It Is Good To Experience Who You Are Not So That You Can Know Who You Really Are

Getting a coach DID help me to tap into my Warrior, and that helped me in so many ways.

It brought polarity back to my relationship, which lit up me and my wife’s sex life.

It assisted me in making money, and it helped me to achieve a lot of other things that I was wanting to have.

In the end what I learned is that I can be bold, direct, and strong without compromising who I am as a healer.  I get to be 100% of who I am…

…and if you are on the journey of discovering the best way to create your best life, I hope that my sharing what I have done has been useful to you.

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