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Best lift ever! Or was it? What Crossfit Taught Me About Support

By March 17, 2016Personal Power

Kyle here.

As I strained under the weight and struggled to stand completely upright I was certain I had reached my max lift on the overhead squat. 

An overhead squat is performed when a barbell loaded with weight is held above your head with the arms fully extended while you squat down below parallel and then stand completely upright again without dropping the weight.  I had just completed one rep, at a personal best weight of 155#. 

My CrossFit coach/trainer walked over and congratulated me and then told me he was certain I COULD DO MORE if I made some modifications to my form which in turn would result in more support throughout the movement. 

You see, consistent and solid support throughout your body is critical to perform Olympic Weight lifting movements safely and with highest possible results. Because of my trainers skill and perspective he could see many things I could not. He could clearly see where I did not have enough support.

He then asked if I’d be interested in some feedback. Since part of my life long commitments is being open to feedback and learning, I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the chance to have him guide me through correct movements.

He gave me several pointers on how to create tension and support in key areas of my body to provide more stability during the squat. He had me visualize that I was bending the bar above my head which resulted in fully engaging the shoulder joints in the strongest way possible. He had me engage my stomach muscles while maintaining the curve in my lower back. This and several other key pointers created significantly more strength and support and resulted in my body becoming a strong pillar from my wrists to my hips.

With so much more support in my body I loaded up the bar and within 15 minutes of lifting 155# and thinking that was my new PR, I smoothly squatted #185. 

#30 lbs more!

Nearly a 20% increase!!

In 15 minutes!!!

Without the skilled support of a coach I would have stopped far short of my true potential.

A skilled coach can see the things you are missing and help you make the adjustments you need to in order to perform at the highest level that your capacity will allow.

This is true for all areas of your life.

Physical Fitness and Health!


Finance and Business!


And any other areas you want to create better results in your life.

Want better results in your life? 

Create better support!!!

Support is critical for your success, and it is hard to beat the support of a skilled coach.

Find a coach that specializes in the area you want improvements and work with them to make the changes you desire. 

Desire it!

Do it!

-Kyle Koerner