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I was once lost. Scared. Fat. Hopeless. Drunk every night. My wife was with my best friend. Naked.

The business that had done millions was collapsing around me.

I hated my parents.
I hated God.
I hated myself.

I put it all on the table…and then lost everything.

I know what it’s like to “crush it” in one area of life at the expense of everything else that you care about.

I know what it’s like to be stuck. To play small. To be scared and lonely.

Seriously…the moment my drunk tongue felt the cold pistol barrel, I realized I was at a massive fork in the road.

I could create a life I LOVED…or hope a bullet would end the pain.

That was years ago, and I’m so grateful for every moment…because it fashioned me into the person that can tell you this important message.

If you know there is something more…

If you’re tired of buying into zero integrity and flashy games.
If you’re no longer a sucker for frying pan happiness…and want deep fulfillment…

If you’re tired of following “leaders” who have built skyscrapers with their marketing bag of tricks and flashy smiles…
…sold “authenticity” that brags about their inner demons…
and stops caring when your path doesn’t copy theirs.

If you’ve already sowed your blood, sweat and tears into building something…but KNOW that it’s on a foundation of sand.

If you’re sick of settling. Of not feeling fully fulfilled and expressed. Of the same old patterns day after day…

I’ll tell you what you DON’T need.

You don’t need more surface level BS.
Another strategy won’t save you.
Another ‘one size / shirt / mantra / fits all’ won’t unleash your inner greatness…
And pursuing leaders who refuse to be in integrity with their own life won’t help you build a life you love.

(Some of you chase the fake leaders because you’re still hiding out and afraid face into the depths of your darkness and greatness.)

Any leader amplifying your own inner self hatred, self ridicule and self crucification might give you a good ego stroke for a weekend…(because it’s so familiar)…but it’s the way of burnout, collapse and the kamikaze pilot.

I’m grateful for the old ways. I appreciate that they have brought us this far.

But I’m here to plant a new flag.

It’s time to leave behind the outdated models and antiquated ways of functioning.

Stop searching for someone to save you. You’re the hero in your story.

You’re not cookie dough to be smashed into another mold and shown as a marketing trophy.

You are a leader. Not a pack dog.
You are the future. Not a mindless drone.
You are a creator. Not a consumer.

You don’t need more guilt and shame.
You don’t need another 7 step system.
You don’t need another drill sergeant.

You don’t NEED anything outside of what you have already been given.

If you only saw the GREATNESS you carry.

I want you to absolutely love EVERYTHING about your life. Even when life hurts.

I want to see you fully giving your gift to the world in a powerful way.

I want to be on a mountain top shining…and when I look across the horizon, I want to see hundreds of thousands of people like you. On your own mountain top, fully shining without apology.

…every transformation in this world starts each of us individually.

I’m not just about empowering every area of your life…your relationships, your business, your fulfillment…

I’m about transforming the world.

When thousands of us give our TRUE gifts to the world, in full integrity and unconditional love…societies, cultures, politics, education, business, YOU NAME IT…

These things are ALL transformed. They awaken from the inside out.

Friends, we can’t afford to keep playing surface level BS.
We can’t afford to keep settling for mediocre ideas that promise money and power…but tuck tail and run when the going gets personal.

Our future and the future of our children is at stake.

Yes. This vision is way bigger than me. It’s so big that sometimes it scares the crap out of me.

It’s larger than what I could have even imagined that night I was ready to end it all.

So I’m incredibly humbled and excited to be expanding my team…

I’ve dived to the depths to discover the inner foundations that really work, and now I’ve surrounded myself with literally the DREAM TEAM of individuals who have done the same.

I have walked beside them…bled beside them…and I trust them implicitly.

They are humble. Vulnerable. Trustworthy. And have a deep desire to serve. (And they are highly skilled…the very BEST in their unique areas of expertise).

I want to introduce you to the ASCENSION team. Megan Darger, Angellee Koerner, Kyle Koerner and Jonathan Heston.

We’re on a mission to help thousands ascend their mountains and fully shine.

If you know you’re ready for something better than the same old patterns…

And you’re ready to start the evolution and ascension into the greatest version of yourself…

Join us.

And if you’re not connected with the powerful people on the Ascension team on Facebook…look them up immediately. You won’t regret it.

I honor you.

Thank you for walking beside me on this crazy and amazing journey of life.

Lets ascend to the greatest version of ourselves together.

This is just the next step.

To the light in your heart.

– Christopher John Stubbs