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A Perfect System

By February 23, 201610x Business

Jonathan here.

I created a fun reality for myself today.

It started years ago when I built a small website to get a single persons attention. And I’ve kept the site up for years for no true reason.

Sure, I have my excuses.

It was the key domain of my hosting package. I “didn’t have the time” to take it down.

And if I’m honest with myself…there was some old nostalgia in having it.

But fast forward to 4:30 this morning…

I came down to my dark office and see an alert glowing on my phone.

One of my emails isn’t communicating with Gmail.

Long story short – my obscure website (that I haven’t touched in a couple years) has become a hackerbot’s play toy.

And to make matters worse – my web host has taken down ALL my sites. (Including the one for The Unlimited Self book bonuses).

Uhh….not good.

So why am I telling you this?

Every single result in our life we can either take full responsibility for (response-ability)…or we can deny responsibility.

If we reject our ability to respond, we reject what makes us human.

In fact, when we discredit our ability to respond, we automatically increase our stress level.

We become dependent on our spouse/dog/the government/friend/boss….(webhost?)…to figure out, and give us, what we desire.

Talk about a stressful expectation to manage.

Over.Whelm.Ing. Not loving. Downright horrible.

On the other hand, when you take full responsibility…

Then you step into your creative abilities. The abilities to think, take action, influence and wonder. The abilities to create what happens around you. To communicate clearly.

So lets examine a key element of creating.

Every result in your life is a reflection of a perfect system at work.

Said another way…every system is perfect for the result it gets.

Your current relationship experience has the perfect system to get that experience.

Your current financial capacity is has the perfect system to create that capacity.

Your health has the perfect system to deliver your level of health.

Every system perfectly spits out what the system spits out…regardless of how good one’s intention is.

I didn’t intend to allow my old site to become a hacker fodder and take ALL my other websites down with it.

But reality doesn’t care. The systems don’t care.

So here is the secret.

If you want a different result – create a different system.

Maybe that’s why most people don’t do it.
Most people dream.

They imagine different results in the future, but they refuse to change a system this week.

When you adjust your results by adjusting a system, you learn that results hacking is easy. You can always change the system again!

It doesn’t have to be about anything else. Micro adjustments to the system will change your results.

It doesn’t have to be more self-confidence. It doesn’t have to be fewer limiting beliefs. Or another course or book.

So how can you shift your typical system around your relationship by just 5% this week? What about your health? Or finances?

When you build a system you can leverage everyday to create the results you want, your dreams transform into reality.

When you don’t, you stay stuck dreaming of the future.

(And maybe…cleaning up old wordpress sites).