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A Conscious Exploration Of Eternal Versus Temporal Authenticity

Conscious Exploration of Authenticity - 1Recently on Facebook, I shared the idea that not one of us is 100% authentic.  Before you disagree, follow me, here.

The word “authentic” is defined as follows:  Of undisputed origin.

If our origins are our Source, our God, or whatever you want to call it, that Source is perfect, lacking no thing, full of love, full of power, and absolutely limitless.

Do you get physically tired?  Do you get frustrated with people, occasionally, and it shows in your interactions with them?  Do you require food and water for survival?  Are you in your eternal state, right at this very moment?

Those answers, for normal people, are that we DO get physically tired and frustrated with others.  We need food and water to survive…and none of us are in our eternal states, right now.

Words do mean things, and I try to use them very carefully so that I can live a life of purpose.

Based on this, I am not 100% authentic.  There are days when I’m interacting with my wife or my business partners that I don’t look “limitless” and eternal.

Maybe I’m not often in a drift, but I tend to operate based on whatever I am experiencing in life at any given moment.

This is normal.

So…let’s continue this discussion of authenticity, because there are a lot of conscious coaches who are leading you in an ineffective direction, and I would like to clear up some confusion that seems to be floating around the coaching industry regarding this topic.

“Telling It Like It Is” Is Not The Definition Of Authenticity

People who “tell it like it is” could simply be operating out of an “asshole” persona.  🙂

If you look at the true depths of who a person really is – and I mean their Essence versus their survival mechanisms, conditioned patterns, and personas – you can learn a lot.

If all people were really authentic and operating out of our deepest, truest natures, there would be no conflict with anyone at any time, over anything!

But because we do see conflict, clashing personalities, and unresolved issues from the personal level all the up to the levels of national and international politics, it’s easy to see that no one is truly authentic in the ways I am writing about, right now.

None Of Us Is 100% In Essence All The Time

Conscious Exploration of Authenticity - 2Going back to the definition of “authentic,” no one looks like Source all the time.  I used an example, earlier, about a 20-story building.

In that example, each “floor” is a mode of operation.  (Sorry to repeat myself for those of you who read my Facebook post about authenticity.)  On one floor might be rage and anger.  On another might be open and honest communication.  One might find unconditional love on a floor.  On a yet another floor might be pain of loss and deep sadness.

The closest that we normally get to authenticity is to operate genuinely out of one “floor” or a combination of floors…but I have yet to see someone operate out of ALL floors at the same time.

Having written all of this, let’s discuss authenticity from where we all live on a day-to-day basis.

I like to call this “temporal authenticity.”

If You Want To Attract Your True Tribe, Temporal Authenticity Is Key

If you are a coach, a conscious practitioner, or a marketer looking to attract the most meaningful relationships into your life, temporal authenticity is going to be absolutely critical for you.

What I mean by this is that when you choose to come from whatever floor you’re coming from in the deepest, truest way possible, you will attract people into your life who are like you.  This is your tribe.

Some of us have an asshole tribe.  Some of us have a spiritual tribe.  Other of us have a tribe that is made up of young parents, recovering addicts, cancer survivors, and the list goes on and on, almost endlessly.

Learning temporal authenticity and putting it into practice regularly will help you to create true friendships, deep relationships, loyal “fans” or followers, repeat customers, clients who rave about the work that you do and the results that you help them to achieve, and might even help you to attract the love of your life.

If you would like to see temporal authenticity in action in a big, big way, go on over to my private Facebook group, called Limitless Legion.  You can access it and join in on the conversation by clicking right here.